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Learn The Essential Domain Name Terms

Posted by on 24 January 2013.

Before you can start designing a website for your business or for your own personal use, you have to register a domain for it. Generally, registering a domain name is a simple enough task. The first thing that you have to do is to check whether the domain name that you want is available. The next step involves choosing a registrar. If you require web hosting, there are many domain registration companies that offer packages which provide domain name registration with web hosting as well.

Before you can actually choose a domain name registration company and get your domain name registered, it is important that you familiarize yourself with certain terms that are commonly associated with domain name registration. Understanding these terms is very important if you want to be able to properly manage your domain name as well as your website.

Country Code Options

There are many domain names that have country code extensions. For instance, a domain name such as will be associated with the United States. Similarly, every country has its own specific extension.

Domain Deactivation

A deactivated domain name will be removed from all of the domain name servers that exist throughout the world. Consequently, any email account or website that was linked to the domain name will also be made inactive. However, users can still renew an inactive domain name via a domain name registration company.

Administrative Contact

Individuals who are categorized as being administrative contacts have certain privileges. They have the authority to transfer a domain name to somebody else, and share administrative powers with the registrant of a domain name. Therefore, an administrative contact for a domain name should be chosen carefully.

Domain Name Server

In order to access websites through domain names, there needs to be what is commonly referred to as a DNS or Domain Name System. A DNS is made up of web servers that are equipped with records associated with millions of domain names. There are thousands of DNS servers throughout the world. In very simple non-technical terms, when a person inputs a website address in a browser, the browser will query and search through these Domain Name Servers for the appropriate record. Once the record is found, the website linked with the domain name is then fetched and displayed on the screen.


Escrow is simply a third-party service that is used for the buying or selling of domain names. Escrow is responsible for making sure that the money is transferred from the user purchasing the domain name to the entity that is selling it. Consequently, Escrow will obtain money from the buyer and hold it until the domain name is properly transferred to the correct party.

IP Address

Currently in version 4, an IP address typically consists of four octal numbers separated by periods ( Every domain name is linked to a particular IP address which provides access to the website that the domain name leads to. In fact, the concept of domain names was introduced because people can remember names much easier than numbers.

The above mentioned common terms should be easy to remember and can be very helpful for any person looking to register a domain name and build a website.