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Alternatives to .com Domain Names – The New .Co Domain Name

Posted by on 12 October 2012.

dot co domain nameIs your .com domain name unavailable? If it is, don’t be upset – this is a common scenario faced by hundreds of thousands of people. You might want to try some other alternatives to .com domain names instead, such as other new extensions that have popped up. For instance, the .co domain name is a new one and it has taken the Internet by storm. In fact, Twitter also has their own .co domain under the name and it uses that particular name for their link shortening service. In addition to Twitter, many other companies also have their own .co domain names and the reason is that the name is appealing because of how it is similar to “.com” and looks like it’s short for “company”. Now the question is, do you need a .co domain name as your alternative .com?

The More Domain Names You Have, The Better

Domain names are like real estate – if you miss it out and let it slip, then your competitor is just going to buy it, and that causes a lot of grief. The .co domain name carries just as much weight as compared with .com, .net, .org or any other domain name for that matter. Because anyone can buy the domain name, and restrictions such as geography do not apply, it’s highly recommended that you purchase the .co version of your domain name just to be safe.

Save Money – .co Domain Names Are Cheaper Than Buying a Coveted .com Domain Name

If you’re lucky, the .co version of the domain name that you want is available. If so, grab it – grab it as quickly as possible, because a lot of people will be competing for it! .com domain names are scarce and sell for ridiculous prices, so if your .co is available, it’s a no-brainer to get it. For example, if your company’s name is Blue Flowers, and if is taken, then you may want to look at a .co domain name as an alternative. After all, does sound a lot better than or

Does a .co Domain Name Suit Your Company?

Take the example from Twitter. It uses the domain name and frankly speaking, it suits them a lot. reflects the simplicity that Twitter is famous for. If you can get a .co domain name that sounds short and sweet, and reflects your company well, then buy down the domain name.

Be Aware of Trademark Issues

When buying a domain name, be sure that you check trademark issues. Don’t purchase a domain name that is a trademark of another company, and start developing a business on it. If the other company finds out and starts a legal battle with you, it causes a lot of undue stress and problems for you.

Buy .co Domain Names

There’re benefits in buying more domain names to protect your brand name, and the .co domain names are no different. If you’re buying a .co domain name as your main business website, it’s great too – many other companies are doing just that these days. However, like any good website, you should develop your .co website as much as possible. In addition to that, search engine optimization is important for just about any website, so stick to the tried and tested SEO rules, and start ranking your website today!

  • Jon

    Just got myself a whole bunch of fantastic-sounding .co domain names!